from japan with over a century history

Asahi Group Foods has inherited more than a century of history and tradition, including many pioneering technologies and long-selling brands such as Japan’s first domestically produced infant formula, launched in 1917; EBIOS, a supplement derived from natural dried brewer’s yeast, launched in 1930; and Japan’s first block-type freeze-dried miso soup, launched in 1983.

asahi group foods is a member of the asahi group holdings

The Asahi Group has steadily evolved over the past 10 years, extending its business foundation across the globe with its full-scale entry into Oceania, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Going forward, the Group will continue to pursue its evolution by leveraging the Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP), established in 2018, as the driving force for realizing its vision to “be a value creator globally and locally, growing with high-value-added brands”.

By implementing sustainable management focused on the medium to long term and building strong trust-based relationships with stakeholders, we aim to become a corporate group that is highly evaluated by society in the future.
Asahi Group Foods is a company responsible for the food divisions within the Asahi Group.

history of asahi group foods

This section introduces the history of Asahi Group Foods and its products.

Our History

sustainability & quality assurance

Ensuring that the Asahi Group continues to be highly valued
by future generations.

We have placed sustainability at the heart of our management approach and are now aiming to achieve further growth based on sustainable business practices.