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Miso soup is mainly manufactured as freeze-dried product and a staple food enjoyed often by most Japanese consumers. Even if a miso soup is at table every time, Japanese don't go off it. Ichijyu Issai is a word to express Japanese style meal emphasizing simplicity and economy. This meal style from Kamakura era is a rice, Miso soup served with a favorite vegetable dish.

Though many other dishes are served, the combination of rice, Miso and vegetable remain the same. Amano makes good use of freeze-dried technique, which is a new process, and succeeded to an ancient culture for protecting Japanese food culture.

This is the freeze-dried Miso soup!
This is the freeze-dried Miso soup!
Put a freeze-dried Miso soup into a cup.
Add boiling water into the cup.
Ingredients of vegetables is floating and expanding on the surface of water.
Flavor of completed Freeze-dried miso soup is like a fresh-making miso soup.
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Freeze-dried Miso soup retains the taste of a great variety of fermented seasoned Miso.

In Japan, there is a popular proverb that Miso soup kills a doctor. The health effect of Miso is excellent enough to turn doctors adrift. Miso is a fermented food which has rich soy-proteins and includes saponin and lecithin which helps reduce cholesterol. Japanese consume Miso soup daily because of its known health benefit. The Miso culture has been expanded to national area with various types that have both good flavor and taste. With Amano Miso soup, you get the health benefit and excellent flavor and taste.

In addition, Amano freeze-dried Miso soup reproduces subtle flavor notes just like the Miso soup made in fine Japanese restaurants and you can enjyoy at home by just adding boiling water.

Each ingredient of Asari ( clam ) or Shijimi ( baby clam ) with shells is in Miso soup. Amano original manufacturing method was surprised and the topic among freeze-dried business.

A Eggplant Miso soup with Kaga Miso A Tofu Miso soup with Tsugaru Miso

Eggplant miso soup

Tofu miso soup

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Freeze-dried rice porridge retains the sweet taste of rice.

We can enjoy the delicacy of rice which is main food in Asia manufactured by various methods. Rice porridge which is softer than Italian risotto can help treat the stomach from excess drinking and overeating. Amano boils rice with soup stock of carefully selected raw materials.

Amano uses many ingredients to obtain the desired taste so freeze-dried rice porridge can be enjoyed by every generation and is a great convenience. Freeze-dried rice porridge is a longtime seller product enjoyed by all ages for more than ten years.

Zousui series (Crab zousui·Fukahire zousui·Shirasu zousui) Okayu series (White Kayu·Red salmon Kayu)

Aburi Kaisen Zousui" series
(Crab zousui, Salmon zousui, Taraco zousui)

Okayu series
(White Kayu·Red salmon Kayu)

In April 2015, Amano started the sales of "Aburi Kaisen Zousui" series. Seafood ingredients are roasted on an open fire and cooked slowly with domestically-grown rice in a broth made from fish and vegetables to make this exquisite freeze-dried rice porridge.

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Good quality ingredients is one of delicasy. The color of the soup must be appealing to the eye. Flavor can be enhanced by color. In addition the color of the soup bowl is important to flavor.

Osuimono, a Japanese-taste soup, is one of cooking to enjoy foods of each season. In a clear soup, colorful foods to feel each season make the eyes joyful of people eating.

Osuimono is cooking including a Japanese fine feeling that counts as one of its colors up to a color of bowl. Osuimono series of Amanojitsugyo is a high-grade and fine taste which can be used as one article of Sushi and tea-ceremony dishes.

Osuimono of a bream Osuimono of a matsutake

Osuimono of a bream

Osuimono of a matsutake

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